Specialized solutions
for your industry

For every industry, there is a unique set of hazardous scenarios that present itself. SBS is dedicated to providing the OSHA-regulated safety guidelines that fit each individual need and we evolve with our customers every changing environment to make sure they are secure.





Municipal Warehouses


Government Agencies

Corporate Offices

Protect your
most valuable resource

Help build a culture of safety and awareness among a diverse team, where everyone is compliant, informed and safe, to create an environment that can further your goals while protecting your most valuable assets: your people. SBS provides comprehensive consultancy tailored to the specific needs of a variety of industries to support your short and long team goals and keep everyone on the same page.

Always one step ahead.

Health and safety training should always be proactive (never a reactive strategy). Avoid costly mistakes, safeguard your company’s reputation, stay on your budget and protect the life and safety of everyone in your organization with a full range of services and solutions that address your occupational health and safety programs from a logistic standpoint. Improve your bottom line and stay ahead of the curve with forward-thinking strategies.